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It is a great challenge to keep a healthy and clean aquarium. Arrive at home, check water temperature, Ph, ORP, and other parameters of the aquarium, apply necessary corrections, feed the fish and only then enjoy it. LOL! A lot of dedication, time, study, formulas, equipment, tests, products and immense care with the health and life of the fish.


Imagine having more time to enjoy your aquarium and all the beauty and life inside it. Get home and quickly evaluate the conditions of your aquarium and note that your aquarium is stable and your fish fed.


Aquarino is an innovative aquarium controller in technology, design and usability. Everything you need in one piece of equipment. It was designed by aquarists and experts, so that no detail was left out.

With a modern, hi-tech and stylish look, you do not have to stay hidden like other equipment in your aquarium. Aquarino Controller deserves a prominent position!