It is a great challenge to keep a healthy and clean aquarium. Arrive at home, check water temperature, Ph, ORP, and other parameters of the aquarium, apply necessary corrections, feed the fish and only then enjoy it. LOL! A lot of dedication, time, study, formulas, equipment, tests, products and immense care with the health and life of the fish.


Imagine having more time to enjoy your aquarium and all the beauty and life inside it. Get home and quickly evaluate the conditions of your aquarium and note that your aquarium is stable and your fish fed.


Aquarino is an innovative aquarium controller in technology, design and usability. Everything you need in one piece of equipment. It was designed by aquarists and experts, so that no detail was left out.

With a modern, hi-tech and stylish look, you do not have to stay hidden like other equipment in your aquarium. Aquarino Controller deserves a prominent position!


  • Customize outlets name

  • Control up to 16 individual outlets with the Aquarino Powerbar V8.

  • Load Balancing with Shared Powerbar V8

  • 5 modes of operation configuration

    • Always Delegated

    • Always on

    • Scheduling

    • Timer

    • Failover

  • Actuated by rules and sensors, easily create automation for your aquarium.

  • Define which to turn off while feeding fish

  • Integration through Failover module to use nobreaks in your aquarium

  • Set the trigger delay for the shots you want


  • 24 sensors monitored 24 hours a day

  • 3x Temperature Sensors

  • 2x PH Sensors

  • 1x ORP (REDOX)

  • 1x Electro Conductivity, Salinity and SG

  • 1x Saturation and Dissolved Oxygen

  • 1x CO2 Calculation (based on Water PH, Temperature and KH manually entered)

  • 1x Voltage, current and power consumption

  • 2x Flow / Flow Sensors

  • 2x Leak Detection

  • 4x Level Sensors


  • Automate your fish feed

  • Use any electronic feeder, customizing with the Aquarino Feeder port

  • Manual and Automatic modes using up to two schedules per day

  • Define which equipment will be turned off during power

  • Schedule power duration and temporary outlet control

  • Control the amount of feeds performed


  • Control up to 6 Dosing Pumps

  • Create dosage schedule, times and days of the week

  • Customize the name of Dosing Pumps

  • 3 setting modes

    • Manual

    • Scheduling

    • Timer

  • Sensor based automation rule triggering


  • Create your aquarium automation rules easily, without scripts or complexity

  • Configure the actuation of jacks and / or dosers according to the sensor values

  • Easily see outlets that are controlled by your rules and sensors


  • All manual actions logged in Logs

  • All automatic actions logged in Logs

  • 30 days retention of Logs


  • 40 different alert types

  • Configure which events you want to receive by email

  • You do not need any special settings, just enter your email and you will already be receiving the alerts.


  • Daily graphs of all sensors

  • Have history and trends of all sensors


  • Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin

  • Liters or Gallons per hour or minutes

  • Date and Time Format

  • Audible alerts

  • kWh, milliwatt or Watts


  • Customize your aquarium controller name.

  • Built-in WiFi, easy to set up

  • Set password

  • Password change protection

  • Panic button, shuts down all jacks and dosers, bringing the system into manual mode immediately.

  • Advanced Settings

  • PH, ORP, EC, TDS and Saturation Sensor Calibration

  • Monitor your aquarium from anywhere through Aquarino Cloud-Manager

Stop dreaming and make the best choice for your aquarium!

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